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He is gay and soft he is sam


Samuel is a short boy with an ass that taste like strawberry shorcake. He looks like gremblin his face is soft like a bb anus. He is defenitley autism and the gay anf home of the sexuals. He is into Loni loli's that have semxy legus OwO. He loves fuckign his borother infrontz of his brothers Waifu desu deus.PersonalityHe is very soft and smol cinnabun.Hr is also kin with sansHe is furry OwO. He relally mean to ivan Sempi and XD Daddy juan and Is gay from LOniLooksHe is always naku and has black haoiru and is gay

  1. Very soft
  2. gay
  3. mean
  4. likes fucking Ivan and juan
  5. Likes fucking bro
  6. Loni's bf
  7. likes baby buttts
  8. is secretly 7
  9. Gay
    • ちんちん (Chinchin) : penis, dick
      Some shyer girls might refer to it as “おちんちん” (ochinchin) or “honorable penis” in English, to the delight of males all over Japan.
    • まんこ (Manko): vagina, pussy
    • おっぱい (Oppai): breasts, boobs
    • おおきい (Ookii!): It’s so big! / They’re so big!
      Can be used to talk about the male anatomy or breasts.
    • すごいきれい! (Sugoi kirei.): You look gorgeous. / They’re gorgeous.
      Often used to talk about breasts.
    • なめてほしい! (Namete hoshii!): Lick (or suck) it!
    • くすぐったい (Kusuguttai!): It tickles!
    • だめ! (Dame!): You can’t! / Don’t do that!
      Tread carefully with this one. Depending on the situation, it could actually mean “keep doing that” or “don’t do that.” If you’re not sure, ask. In Japanese porn, girls often try to appear “demure” by saying no at first, even though they really “want it” but are too embarrassed to say. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of role play in the bedroom, as long as both parties are ok with it.
    • やめて! (Yamete!): Stop!
      See above.
    • いれてほしい (Irete hoshii!): Put it in! / I want it now!
    • なまがいい (Nama ga ii!): Let’s do it bareback!
    • なまはだめ (Nama wa dame!): No, let’s use a condom!
    • きもちいい (Kimochi ii… ): It feels good….
    • ぬれてる (Nureteru!): You’re so wet!
    • あったかい (Attakai!): You’re so warm!
    • やばい! (Yabai!): It feels amazing!
    • がまんして (Gaman shite!): Don’t come yet!
    • がまんできない (Gaman dekinai… ): I can’t wait any longer…
    • だして! (Dashite!): Come!
    • いきそう (Ikisou!): I’m gonna come!
    • いく (Iku!): I’m coming!

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